Cumulonimbus Calvus

Above: Cumulonimbus Calvus

Cumulonimbus Calvus

Early in a storm, you may encounter the cumulonimbus calvus cloud. This cloud is a sort of juvenile version of the well-known cumulonimbus storm cloud. It is still a very looming and large cloud that produces a storm, but is not as mature as other kinds of cumulonimbus clouds.

What are cumulonimbus calvus clouds?

Cumulonimbus calvus clouds are sort of like the juveniles of the storm cloud world. Cumulonimbus clouds are always large and looming. When a cumulonimbus cloud matures, its top changes shape. The top of this particular type of cloud is a fairly new forming storm cloud, and the top reflects it. They also produce minor storms compared to some other types of cumulonimbus clouds.

What height are cumulonimbus calvus clouds found?

These clouds are found at the same height as most cumulonimbus clouds. They are very large and looming, so they span over many different levels of the sky. They start at heights as low as 5,000 feet, but can rise all the way up to usually 20,000 feet. These clouds don’t tend to go much higher at this level.

Classification of cumulonimbus calvus clouds

Cumulonimbus calvus clouds are technically the beginning of the storm cycle. They are a specific type of cumulonimbus cloud, but form from cumulus congestus clouds, which explains a lot about the appearance of these clouds.

How are cumulonimbus calvus clouds formed?

These clouds, as previously stated, start out as cumulus congestus clouds. When the atmosphere becomes unstable, a storm starts to brew. This causes the cloud to grow and become darker and more looming that a cumulus cloud. These clouds usually act more transient and will grow very quickly and form into other types of cumulonimbus clouds. They can produce some substantial storm effects.

What do cumulonimbus calvus clouds look like?

Cumulonimbus calvus clouds have some features like nearly all cumulonimbus clouds and some of them are mentioned below:

  • They are very large, dark and threatening.
  • They have a sort of mushroom like appearance, even at this stage.
  • The top is the significant part because it shows how mature the cloud actually is.
  • The top of this cloud is puffy and rounded like a cumulus cloud.
  • It may also have sharper edges signifying a young cloud as well.

How common are cumulonimbus calvus clouds?

These clouds are very common at the beginning of storms. They are the type that comes directly from the regular clouds that are in the sky during good weather. If the storm does not progress beyond lightning, thunder and rain, this cloud could possibly last through the entire thing. This is not always the case and the storm has to be a little gentler for this to happen.

Where can I see cumulonimbus calvus clouds?

To see a cumulonimbus calvus cloud, go outside during the very beginning of a storm or during a gentler storm. If you look up in the sky you will see large storm clouds. The top of these will often have a puffy appearance. These are the juvenile storm clouds that you are searching for.

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