Altocumulus Translucidus

Above: Altocumulus Translucidus

Altocumulus Translucidus

When looking at cloud formations, the altocumulus clouds identify the height upon which the cloud layer rests. Within the genus or family of altocumulus clouds, there are several different types or variations of clouds that exist. Amongst these different variations is the altocumulus translucidus cloud which is a pretty common sight in the skies anywhere in the world.

The most telling feature about the altocumulus translucidus cloud apart from its height from the ground is the fact that these clouds form a thin layer across the sky that allow the sun or even moon to be seen through it. Known also as water and ice clouds, the altocumulus translucidus provide an almost opaque screen across the sky where it is formed.

What height are altocumulus translucidus found?

As with all other altocumulus clouds, the standard height for altocumulus translucidus clouds is between 6,500 to 20,000 feet and the formation is subject to the instability of the convection between the warm air and water droplets or ice crystals.

If however the translucidus clouds are placed lower in the sky, they may be referred to as stratocumulus translucidus clouds and if they are higher, then they are known as cirrocumulus translucidus clouds.

Classification of altocumulus translucidus clouds

The altocumulus translucidus clouds have no specific classification of their own although the term translucidus signifies that the cloud structure is translucent and therefore allows the light of the sun or moon to be visible from behind the altocumulus translucidus clouds.

How are altocumulus translucidus clouds formed?

Normally such clouds are formed either by water droplets or ice crystals depending on the height at which it is formed. Unlike the undulatus clouds, such formations of altocumulus translucidus clouds do not indicate rainfall but instead suggest that precipitation is likely within the next ten to twenty hours from the time the clouds become visible and if the northeast wind is moving south.

What do altocumulus translucidus clouds look like?

The altocumulus translucidus clouds are best described as a screen across the sky. Unlike other types of clouds that are puffy or wispy, the altocumulus translucidus clouds tend to be flat and almost look like a translucent sheet of glass across the sky. In addition, altocumulus translucidus is one of the WMO varieties that even with such a cloud type in the sky, the moon or the sun (depending on the time of the day) can have its light permeate through such a cloud formation. This is pretty much visibly different from those cloud types that block out the moon or the sun.

How common are altocumulus translucidus clouds?

The altocumulus translucidus cloud formations are fairly common and clearly visible. They are rarely mistaken for other types of cloud formations and the determinant about whether they are altocumulus is based on the distance they are from the ground. Altocumulus clouds are middle range clouds.

Where can I see altocumulus translucidus clouds?

The altocumulus translucidus clouds are found everywhere in the world as they are one of the most common types of cloud formation in the books.

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